And their answers

What is a free public phone?  First off, it is not a pay phone.  It is simply an industrial strength phone similar to a pay phone in appearance.

Is it difficult to use?  No, it is used exactly like your home phone.  You can make free local, credit card, collect, 800, and 911 calls.

Is it ADA compatible?  Yes, including a TTY/TTD plug.

How long can I talk for free?  The phones are programmable for different lengths of time.  However, they are usually set to three minutes.

Can I have one at my location?  Possibly.  We are committed to placing our phones in locations with public service in mind and in high traffic areas.

Why would I want one at my location?  The Free Phone is a complete customer service product.  Satisfied customers are repeat customers.

What does it cost to have one at my location?  The phones are FREE to the locations as well.  FREE PHONE Services installs and maintains the phones as well as pays the connection and service fees.

Do I have any “say” about the advertisements?  Yes, the location owner will have the right to reject any objectionable advertisement.

What do I have to do as a location owner?  Simply call FREE PHONE Services if any damage or service problems exist so that we may fix them immediately.  After all, YOU are one of OUR customers now.

Will the Free Phone conflict with my pay phone contracts?  No, these phones are used free of charge therefore not conflicting with pay phone contracts.

How are you able, financially, to supply the phones for free?   FREE PHONE Services’ income is derived from sales of advertising on the phone.

Are the phones owned and maintained by a reputable company?  Yes, the owner of FREE PHONE Services has been in the customer service industry during the last 17 years.

Can I use the FREE PHONE as a fundraiser?  Absolutely, Our phones are being installed at non-profit and fundraising organizations on a regular basis